Impact Reports

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Drug Policy & Advocacy

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"3ade Mish 3ade" Mental Health Campaign

حقك ما بيتوقف

Community Outreach

HIV Testing at Skoun - World AIDS Day

How To Perform CPR on an Unconscious Person

How To Put an Unconscious Person in The Recovery Position


Life Skills

There is an increasingly stronger focus on developing comprehensive life skills in children and young people in India so that they are empowered and are responsible citizens of society.

In addition to academic, vocational, and technical skills, the focus is now on building those skills or competencies that are needed to meet the demands of the increasingly vulnerable situations of our diverse societies.

There is evidence that psychosocial competencies, including resilience, personal agency and self-confidence, can help a person move out of poverty and life skills can enable young people to protect themselves from a

multitude of vulnerable social environments and risk-taking behaviours.

Therefore, young people must be provided the opportunity to gain knowledge and develop relevant values.