Impact Reports

Our reports tell the story of our societal and economic impact.


Drug Policy & Advocacy Resources

How To Fill Your Legal Forms

Know Your Rights During Protests in Lebanon

Drug Policy & Advocacy - Laws & Policies


Support Don't Punish Campaign 2023

Support Don't Punish Campaign 2023

Support Don't Punish Campaign 2023

A Spot of Hope

"3ade Mish 3ade" Mental Health Campaign

حقك ما بيتوقف

Community Outreach

HIV Testing at Skoun - World AIDS Day

How To Perform CPR on an Unconscious Person

How To Put an Unconscious Person in The Recovery Position


Life Skills

Inspired by the Lion's Quest Life Skills Program, Skoun has developed an Arabic-based animation video series for grades 1-8 aimed at promoting service-learning, social and emotional learning, bullying prevention, character education, and drug awareness.

The primary goals of Skills for Growing and Skills for Adolescence are:

  • Engage students, families, schools in creating a caring and meaningful learning environment that strengthens  their commitment to their  community
  • Provide opportunities for students to learn the essential emotional and social skills needed to lead healthy and productive lives.
  • Celebrate diversity and encourage respect for others.
  • Provide opportunities for students to practice good citizenship through cooperation and service to others.

Our program is currently hosted on the "Elgo for Schools" platform which provides culturally and linguistically relevant resources, including information, video series, and interactive tools, tailored to the MENA region's specific needs.
It is easily integrated within the academic year's curriculum, and is only 8-10 hours long!

If you or your institution would like to know more on implementation, contact us on or 79186733.