Internship & Volunteering


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Volunteers & interns are critical to the success of Skoun and are essential in implementing the activities of our departments, who work on different programs, all related to awareness, support, and harm reduction.

To apply for a volunteering opportunity or an internship, contact us on Your email should include:
. The application form attached at the bottom of the page. 
. Your resume or a short bio
. Your department of interest, to be included in your email’s subject line  (You can find out more about them under the Who We Are tab)
. The timeframe during which you would like to volunteer/ intern with Skoun

Skoun maintains a strong policy of equal volunteer opportunity. We recruit, accept, train, promote and dismiss volunteers and interns on the basis of personal competence and position performance, without regard to race creed, color, religion, sex, age, marital status or handicap.




Rafik Hariri University Hospital

Rafik Hariri University Hospital, Auxiliary Villa 3
01845503 | 01845512

Mother and Child Primary Healthcare Center

Douris, next to Douris Municipality, Baalbeck