Internship & Volunteering

Volunteer with Skoun

Volunteers are critical to the success of Skoun and are essential to our day-to-day operations and activities.
At Skoun, volunteers are considered partners in implementing the activities of our departments, who works on different programs, all related to awareness, support and harm reduction.

We take part in university events and talks as well as awareness sessions with our Drug Policy team, to inform young people about their legal rights in case of arrest, specifically in case of arrest for drug use.
In our Safer NightLife program, we target pubs, clubs and festivals to promote a culture of harm reduction and safe partying. All of our activities are opportunities to open a discussion or answer questions about substance use, sexual health and legal advice.

You can be part of our team of Volunteers by sending your details and CV to


Skoun’s Internships with Students and Professionals working and studying in our field.

Applicants for an internship should be graduate students or holders of a first university degree or their equivalent who intend to study further in a field relevant to Skoun’s work. Depending on each candidate's interests, they can select which department or program they would like to work with. (You can find out more about them under the Who We Are tab)

How to apply

Applicants looking to make a difference and gain valuable experience should consider sending an email to Your email must include your resumé and cover letter, your field of interest and your time availabilities for the internship.

Once your application is approved, the department’s manager will contact you for an interview to assess your strength and provide you a good orientation.


Skoun maintains a strong policy of equal volunteer opportunity. We recruit, accept, train, promote and dismiss volunteers on the basis of personal competence and position performance, without regard to race creed, color, religion, sex, age, marital status or handicap.

Baalbeck Governmental Hospital

Baalbeck Governemental Hospital, 2nd floor in the second building
08-370880/1/5 | 08-370470 ext. 4000 | 70-125868

Badaro Clinic

Badaro, Al Mazraa Street, Baydoun Building, 4th floor
Facing the Daman (NSSF) building
01-381580 | 01-381660

Rafik Hariri University Hospital

Jnah Near Tsc, Rafic Hariri University Building, Main Road, JNAH, Beirut, LEBANON
01- 845512 | 01- 845503